The UK Product Is In High Demand

When the #8 pick in the draft was announced, and the Sacramento Kings’ logo was not in the little white envelope, Kings fans collectively felt a rollercoaster of emotions. The Kings ended up getting the 3rd pick in the draft, and after a swap with Philadelphia, settled in the 5 and 10 spot (via New Orleans).

Going from 8 to 5 brings in a whole new world of prospects. I decided to put out a poll with a list of 4 guys most likely to be available. In all my years of covering the Kings, I have yet to see such a nearly unanimous choice for the pick.

Which of course means De’Aaron Fox will be picked #4.


  1. Dan Peterson says:

    Fox is the pick if he is available… It would almost be worth the Lakers drafting Fox just to watch Lavar Ball’s head explode like that dude from scanners…

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