By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton’s mayor is teeing up a plan to end taxpayer funding for the city’s two public golf courses.

Right now, Stockton’s proposed budget calls for $750,000 in annual spending on its Van Buskirk and Swenson courses. Mayor Michael Tubbs says the city, still battling back from bankruptcy, has more pressing needs than subsidizing golf.

“For me, that just seems to not be a good use of public funds, and if it is a good use of public funds, I think we at least need to have a very public debate,” Tubbs said.

City data shows of the 315,000 people who live in Stockton only about 5,000 play the public courses.

Niko Sanchez lives in Stockton and plays Van Buskirk Golf Course. He says it’s like an oasis for him.

“We live in Stockton,” Sanchez said. “It’s not that known as a nice place, but this is beautiful, I can’t get enough of this.”

This leisurely sport that some call their getaway is now getting political scrutiny in Stockton.


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