CRESCENT CITY (CBS13) — At least five inmates were shot during an altercation at Pelican Bay State prison on Wednesday.

A statement from the prison says the incident started out as a fistfight between two inmates. Guards tried to intervene with batons and unspecified chemical agents, but the fight continued.

Groups of inmates ran toward the inmates and began attacking the guards. At that time, three guards opened fire with lethal rounds, firing nearly two-dozen rounds at the inmates.

Seven inmates were taken to the hospital with injuries, five of whom suffered gunshot wounds.

Eight staff members at the prison were also taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Six were treated and released, while two remain hospitalized, but will be released soon.

  1. In other countries more willing to give criminals what they deserve, these animals would have been executed a long time ago. In China, they would have seen the inside of a mobile execution van, instead of a prison. We are soft on crime and this is the result.

    Pelican Bay isn’t minimum security for low-priority inmates. PB houses the worst of the worst, violent creatures, repeat street killers, and the top kingpins.
    As far as I’m concerned, all of PB’s population should be led in front of a firing squad.
    That is the only solution for scuxm like these.

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