STOCKTON (CBS13) — “It wasn’t the flames, it was the heat.”

Ananias Snipes rescued his mother from a raging inferno across the street in a Stockton neighborhood.

“It was unbelievable I was like a dome, a dome of heat,” he said.

He shot video of the intense flames from a nearby pallet fire that raged on Thursday afternoon.

“I thought I was gonna literally burn up just running,” eh said.

His 67-year-old mother suffered burns from the hot flames.

“It was so scorching hot that it burned her arm her face her ear and her legs,” he said.

She was treated and is recovering, but isn’t able to return home because of the damage from the flames. His dog was able to escape.

The home next door didn’t fare as well. Trisha Payne’s home is a mere shell of itself.

“It’s tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff I’ve accumulated over 13 years, you know? Everything. Everything. It’s all ash,” she said.

She lives with her mother and two daughters.

“This is all I have. I had spent $300 at Walmart that I didn’t have just to get my family and my kids something to wear for today and tomorrow,” she said.

Her sister and boyfriend were visiting when the fire broke out. Her mom and sister suffered burns in the fire.



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