By Lemor Abrams

FOLSOM (CBS13) — There is confusion over a chemical smell in Folsom’a tap water.

The City of Folsom receives top marks from the EPA for water quality. A city spokeswoman says the city water is chlorinated but maintains the water meets all state and federal drinking standards.

Folsom residents get their water from Folsom Lake. It’s treated before it hits the tap. And the city says the amount of chlorine that goes in, is comparable to a small water bottle in a big football field.

But many here say it smells more like a swimming pool. Al Gambetti says his tap water killed his bamboo plant. So he got another one, and that died too.

“I could smell what I thought we chlorine,” he said.

To be sure, Al whipped out his store-bought water testing kit. He used a special strip to test both a glass of water and his outdoor jacuzzi. The score shocked him.

“To see a level of chlorine that equals my spa, I knew it wasn’t healthy,” he said.

But the city assures, the water is safe. So Al checked again. His latest test showed a lower amount of chlorine. Problem is he worries, he’s not alone.

“Regular shower/morning I thought, and I got a very strange smell, like sewage,” Brooke Webster of Folsom said.

Brooke Webster says the stinky smell from her shower water lasted for days.

“I think until we know actually what there is, brushing our teeth with bottled water might not be a bad idea,” she said.

City water managers tell CBS13, a small amount of chlorine is added to Folsom’s water to kill certain bacteria, like E.Coli. The levels may fluctuate, but remain safe enough to drink, according to state and federal quality standards.

Al says that explains why his readings changed. He’s glad the city tests and monitors the water 24/7. But to be safe, he’s sticking to purified H2O.

Anyone with water concerns is urged to call the city’s dispatch. An inspector will come out and test your water.

Folsom Contact info:

Business hours (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.): 351-3361
After hours: 355-7231

  1. Go on Amazon or Google and check out the Berkey filter system. There is also filters that take out the fluoride and other chemicals for shower heads. The skin is the largest organ of the body and showering and bathing in water with chemicals is not healthy. When are people going to wise up about government agencies and stop trusting them?

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