Based on draft videos, the Kings could draft this kid CHEAP

By now you may have seen this video of possible Kings draft pick Lauri Markkanen draining threes with seemingly little to no effort:




Perhaps it reminded you of something. Perhaps it reminded you of when many of us (no comment if I was one) started uncontrollably slobbering over this video of a guy that actually ended up a King:


Problem is, videos of shooting are neat. Yet they don’t take into effect…you know…defense and stuff. Its also not a game situation, pressure, crowds, lights, etc. You get the idea. Want to know how a guy can play? Watch his college games. Even better, if he made the tournament.

If you want to base ANY part of your draft process on sweet looking videos, I strongly advise the Kings to take a look below. This kid is only 8, but as you can see, the sweet stroke from downtown is already there. Couple that with the fact that unlike the other two preceding videos, there’s actually a MOVING CAR trying to distract this kid (to no avail I might add).

Add in the fact that he’s my son and will certainly play in Sacramento for life, and you have your problems solved at #10.

Put it in the book. Draft him so I can retire and live off of his wealth. Just call me LaVarMichael Dave.

Only we’ll go ahead and sign with Nike.

nZ3gxP Carmichael Dave: Why The Kings Should Draft A Local Kid You May Be Missing


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