By Angela Greenwood

FOLSOM (CBS13) — For nearly two years, the Museum of Wonder and Delight in Folsom has brought it’s visitors- young and old- into a world of miniature vintage toy vignettes. But, as the city changes direction, the museum is closing.

A trip inside is like a trip down memory lane.

Rochelle McDonald is visiting from Oregon and said, “It brings me back to my childhood and I wish I still was a child”

The thousands of tiny trinkets and detailed vignettes that fill Folsom’s Museum of Wonder and Delight will soon be gone. On Wednesday, the museum will close its doors following a vote by the Folsom Historical Society as the city looks for new business.

Anthony Ikeda Kolar, Folsom Historical Society Executive Director said, “Now that the economy isn’t so bad, they want to make sure that something else can come in to grow as well.”

The idea was born in 2008 at the height of the recession. In 2015, the museum opened in hopes of bringing more visitors to the city’s historic district. And it did- about 300 visitors a month. McDonald is glad she came just in time.

“I got here by the skin of my teeth,” said McDonald, “We’re from Oregon and our daughter wanted to take us her and to find out they’re closing. It’s not fair. How can you share with nobody else?”

Created by Sacramento’s “Father of Christmas” Dolph Gotelli from his very own collection. Miniatures of miniatures are so intricately displayed. A whimsical world full of dreams and imagination, now set to shut down.

“It was designed to take root here but then to really go somewhere to flourish,” said Ikeda Kolar.


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