By Marc Woodfork

We all know the story, an Amazon princess grows up on an island occupied only by women, an event happens that propels her life into the world of men and all the misgivings and horrors that comes with it.  She becomes aware of her “other worldly powers” and uses them for the good of mankind.  Simple enough.  This version stars the lovely Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.  Not only is this film good, it’s the best DC super hero film since Christopher Nolan’s  “The Dark Knight”.  That’s no exaggeration.  It seems DC and Warner Bros. has finally got it right.  Director Patty Jenkins brought a character to the screen that we actually care about.  Gal Gadot brings honesty, warmth and charm to the role.  Watching her on screen, you feel that she really cares about being Wonder Woman.  You can’t help but notice some of her real life personality traits are superbly woven within the character.

The film begins with a young Diana Prince wanting to become just like her warrior mom and aunt.   Constantly wanting to train and become a better Amazonian although it is against her mother’s wishes.  So after, she encounters a pilot who crashes into the sea  from the “other world” — a world Diana knows nothing about but wants to know everything about.  The pilot is played by Chris Pine who is excellent in the role.  Chris is the calm to Diana’s eagerness to change the world.

Wonder Woman is a smart, witty and humorous film.  It has it’s fair share of action, something I wish DC would tone down a bit.  The DC Universe tends to get bogged down in the action sequences and loses track of the character development.  And at a whopping runtime of two hours and twenty four minutes, it certainly uses up every second of it.  Wonder Woman is a must-see film.  While I think DC still has a long way to go to catch Marvel, it seems that they’ve finally broken through the wall and are on the right track.


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