I’m sure by now most of you have seen the video of the creepy French tennis player groping the female reporter.

This tool not only kissed her while she was simply trying to do her job, but when she tried to remove herself from his presence he proceeded to lock her up around her neck.

I’m not going to play the pitty card and get into the challenges that women sports reporters (and I’m sure female reporters across all platforms) face on a daily basis trying to make it in a male dominant world. We all know what the challenges are when we get into it.

You deal with the crap. Small and large things. Inappropriate and disrespectful remarks, the trolling on social media, not being compensated the same as your male counterparts…the list goes on. It’s not fair, it’s not right. But the way I look at it is it’s just another challenge you face and have to get through.

This isn’t a battlefield after all. There are far worse things to have to deal with.

What I will say this…I WISH a guy would try this with me.

I would gladly carry that torch for all my female counterparts and deliver a swift elbow straight to the face. Or maybe he would respond to a nice backhand.

In no way am I advocating violence.

What I am advocating for is common decency, respect and the right to respond to this kind of caveman mentality with the only reaction that will send the appropriate message. Sensitivity training, even revoking this guy’s credentials, which did in fact happen, is never going to completely teach this guy a lesson.

You treat a woman like an object, she has the right to respond to said assault with an equal response.



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