Hour 1

There are whispers out of La La Land that the Lakers may not be as enamored with Lonzo Ball as much as every one thought. Hear the fellas give their thoughts on if this is just smoke screens or there is some substance to the whispers.

Hour 2

Former Kings HC and current Warriors analyst Gary St Jean joined the Doug and Grant to give his thoughts on the first 2 games of the NBA Finals, while NFL Insider John Clayton jumped on with the fellas to deliver the latest news around the NFL, including why the Seahawks did not sign Colin Kaepernick.

Hour 3

Seth Everett of NBC Sports joined Doug and Grant in hour three and spoke about why the Giants are finished, how good Bryce Harper is even with a bad attitude and how good the Astros are. Plus what

Hour 4

In hour four the fellas talk about the upcoming NBA Draft. Everything from prospects, team needs and if you would be happy if the Lonzo Ball fell to the Kings? Also, Aaron Torres of Fox Sports jumps on with the fellas to discuss all aspects of the draft.


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