By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California and China are joining forces in the fight against climate change. Tuesday, during his trip to Beijing to attend a clean energy summit, Governor Jerry Brown signed an agreement with China to work together to reduce carbon emissions.

Brown says, “To make the shift from the carbon age to a de-carbonized world requires everyone. Certainly China is playing a leading role. California is also playing an important role.”

Speaking through an interpreter, China’s Minister of Science and Technology says he looks forward to the partnership.

The deal comes amid global outrage about President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“There are still some in powerful people who are resisting reality,” said Brown.

With the U.S. stepping back, California is stepping up. Still, the governor says everyone needs to do more.

“The world is not doing enough. We are on the road to a very negative and disastrous future unless we increase the tempo of change.”

Brown later met china’s president and says the two pledged to expand trade between California and China, with an emphasis on green technologies to fight climate change. Brown says he believes the White House will come around soon.

“It’s only temporary, only temporary,” said Brown.

Meanwhile, in a press conference in New Zealand Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reaffirmed the United State’s commitment to combat climate change, saying it will be even stronger than before.

“I don’t think anyone should interpret that the U.S. has somehow stepped away from these issues or is seeking to isolate itself,” said Tillerson.

The deal made between California and China is a non-binding one, just like the Paris Accord. Governor Brown also made similar pacts with officials in two-other Chinese provinces.

Rick Perry, the Energy Secretary for the Trump Administration, will be attending the summit in Beijing as well.

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  1. Jerry Cason says:


  2. I didn’t know individual states could enter into agreements, packs, treaties, with foreign governments?

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