By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Lawyers representing the five families who lost almost everything in the huge pallet fire two weeks ago in Stockton have listed PG&E as one of the companies they plan to file a lawsuit against.

Family members gathered with lawyers at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium to make the announcement.

Lawyers say PG&E had a gas leak at the pallet yard on the night of May 25, which they say greatly enhanced the fire damaging and destroying five homes.

Allen Sawyer who is representing the families impacted by the huge pallet fire two weeks ago say he and his team are filing a claim against the utility company, PG&E for a possible leak that created huge flames and dark smoke that could be seen for miles.

Sawyer is also filing a claim against the owners of the pallet company – Hugo’s Pallets, incorporated which is located just across the street from the neighbors.  Lawyers are also filing a claim against the property owners.

The four-alarm fire displaced five families along Weber Avenue.  Neighbors say they have made complaints about the company to the city.  We found out the city issued them a citation in early may for debris and pallets being stacked up too high.

The mayor says the city is looking into the matter.

Today, lawyers say the district attorney is also looking at the case.

“There were kids that were affected, some senior citizens, husbands, wives, people that lived there for a long time, they all knew each other like everybody in their neighborhood, they took care of each other, they helped each other out when there were problems, now they have a problem that they can’t help each other with,” said representatives in the case.

A fundraiser for the families is taking place in downtown Stockton. It was put together by one of the city council members, firefighters and community leaders.


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