By Angela Greenwood

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — What’s being called a nationwide day of action against Muslims is expected to happen across the country this Saturday, June 10. In Roseville, “Act for America”- the group known for spreading anti-Islamic messages- has planned a march. The rally is expected to take place at the Fountains Shopping Center, but it’s being met with opposition by another group holding a counter-protest right across the street at the Galleria Mall.

Counter-protestor Brad Hill says, “We weren’t okay with that a hate group coming to Roseville with no response.”

When Hill found out that “Act for America”, a conservative-right wing group, was holding a march to protest Sharia law, his group organized its own rally.

“Our message is opposite of theirs. Our message is inclusiveness and love instead of hate,” said Hill.

Hill is part of “Roseville Resistance”- a left-wing grassroots group- that plans to counter-protest in a “Unity Rally.”

“The idea is to peacefully stand up for our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

But protests and counter-protests like these have turned viciously violent before. In 2016, at the state Capitol, a massive riot broke out as alt right and anti-fascist groups clashed. Ten people were stabbed and others injured.

This April, more violence erupted at a Berkeley protest, and a woman was punched in the face by a self-proclaimed white nationalist. Hill says violence is not on Saturday’s agenda.

“We have no interest in fighting anybody. I’m there to stand up for my neighbors,” said Hill.

According to Facebook event pages, members from anti-fascist group Antifa and the Bay Area Alt Right Movement, who have both been involved in violent protests before, plan to attend. Hill says the groups will be on opposite sides of the street. His group will be at the Galleria. Act for America will be holding its rally at the Fountains.

Roseville Police say they’re prepared should things go south.

Roseville Police Department PIO Dee Dee Gunther said, “We’re making plans for a number of different scenarios. Of course, we’re just hoping that people will express themselves peacefully and go home.”

“If push comes to shove, I’ll take a punch, but I’m not gonna throw one,” said Hill.

CBS13 left a message at the Act of America Headquarters in Virginia, but not receive a call back in time for this story.

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