By Jennifer McGraw

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – A good Samaritan is being hailed a hero for saving a couple being mauled by two dogs.

“When I got out of the truck he was just screaming bloody murder,” said Victor Torres, of Linda.

He relived the moments just 24 hours after trying to help save a couple being mauled by dogs.

“All I had was a boat oar in the back of my truck, so I hit one over the head and that’s when they let go of the other people,” he said.

Torres was driving over the bridge on Simpson Lane when he saw the vicious attack.

“The dogs were just shredding them to pieces,” he said.

His brave instincts may have helped save the injured couple, but then things took a turn.

“One of them grab me by the leg over here and that’s when the other one bit down on my arm and I just felt the teeth, they sunk in,” he said.

Somehow Torres was able to get away and several others stopped and helped rush the three to the hospital.

“Worst pain I’ve ever felt, so I can only imagine how they felt,” Torres said.

Arianna Torres, 12, says her dad may not think he’s a hero, but she does.

“I’m very proud. I’m lucky he didn’t just pass by like a lot of people did,” Torres’ daughter said, “I didn’t even know that dogs could be this vicious.”

Torres says he can’t take all the credit.

“There are good people; I wasn’t the only one who helped,” he said.

He just hopes that someone would do the same thing for his family. The dogs’ futures are still unclear. They’re being quarantined to check for disease and the sheriff’s office will hopefully have more details Thursday.


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