SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The week kicked off with snow in the Sierra, but it will end with the first heat wave of the season as temperatures pass 100 degrees by the weekend.

The last burst of winter made its presence felt in June, dropping snow in the Sierra after a Sunday of sporadic thunderstorms in the valley.

Travelers donning T-shirts and shorts in the Sierra were forced to find winter boots and coats.

“We have to break out the winter jackets again that’s for sure but it’s not the first time it’s snowed in June since I’ve lived here I’ve seen it a couple times but I’m kind of surprised how much we got this morning,” said Dave Schlosser, owner of Strawberry Station.

The June relief added to one of the wettest years on record in the Sacramento area with nearly two-tenths of an inch of rain reported.

But that relief is going to be short-lived—2017 hasn’t seen too many 100-degree days in a mild spring. That will change with temperatures expected to jump nearly 40 degrees from weekend to weekend. Low temperatures for Father’s Day weekend are expected to be higher than Sunday’s high temperature of just 66. By Saturday, Sacramento should be in the low- to mid-100s.


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