SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The City of Sacramento cracking down on pet owners without a license for their pets.

Only one in eight pets in Sacramento is registered with the city, officials say, costing the city money and resources.

Starting July 1, every pet owner must register their animal with the city.

They will get a card in the mail and if they do not respond, they will face a fine of $300. They still have a chance to correct it and pay the registration fee, but after 90 days the $300 fee is permanent.

“It really is about public safety and public health and the health of the animal,” Gina Knepp with the Front Street Animal Shelter said.

Knepp says things like microchipping, vaccinations and the adoption process cost taxpayer dollars.

But more importantly, licenses help the city keep track of rabies vaccinations.

The county says it will be monitoring how the city’s crackdown goes and possibly consider following suit in the future.

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  1. Go after the transients and hobos with their parade of pit bulls and giant Alaskan wolf-dogs.

    If they’re so poor and destitute, how come so many of them can afford pets, a smartphone in one hand, and a 40 oz. malt or cigarette in the other?

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