By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON – Many people are making their way down to Stockton as the San Joaquin County Fair officially opens. The four day event is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors.

The temperature is expected to climb and leaders with the fair are planning ahead.

For the next few days, people working in the livestock exhibit at the San Joaquin County Fair will be making sure their animals are safe and cool.

There are a lot of fans inside and plenty of water.

“Right now, the weather is perfect for an outing and its not too hot and if you do get overheated, there are some cooling stations you can go to and relax, and get a drink of water for free,” said Sam Fant, director of San Joaquin County Fair.

For the humans, the fair has plenty of trees planted around the fairgrounds where families can enjoy some shade.

There is also a special cooling section with a place to sit, watch TV and enjoy some air conditioning.
For livestock, they get pampered with huge fans while they eat and sleep and prepare for show.

“We have the waters over there, the idea is we freeze the water bottle, we usually put it in the freezer and we freeze it and put it in the water to keep it cool and help hydrate the pig for showmanship,” said Martin Cardoza, livestock exhibitor.

Exhibitors say they also use a cold wet towel to wrap around the neck of their animals to keep them nice and cool.

The San Joaquin County Fair is now open and runs until Sunday.


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