SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Three cyclists have been attacked, hit with rocks while riding along the American River Parkway.

This week, two people were hit by rocks as they rode on the bike trail near the Woodlake neighborhood, which is north of Downtown Sacramento.

Two weeks ago, a bicyclist says a homeless man grabbed his bike, then smashed him in the head with a rock.

Park rangers and Sacramento Police are investigating, and don’t believe they are related, but the suspects are all described as homeless.

In Wednesday’s attack, the victim—Kevin Meagher—says the passing cyclist threw the rock. Meagher suffered a collapsed lung and was released from the hospital on Friday.

Comments (4)
  1. You can thank Mayor Steinberg for this. His open invitation to the homeless and offer of free services, have turned Sacramento into a regional MAGNET for the hobos and transients.

    Way to go, Mayor Steinberg, for turning Sac into an even bigger toilet.

  2. Exactly why I quit taking the Hobo Highway. I had a guy pull a knife on me near Cal Expo, he didn’t know I was carrying.

  3. Just finished biking around Sacramento for a week at all hours. Compared to Portland Oregon you do not having a homeless problem. Portland tried to do the humane thing with the homeless and all it did was turn itself into a magnet for them. With 11,000 acres in the American River Parkway I think only police with dogs can roust them out.

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