By Angela Greenwood

UC DAVIS (CBS13) — Commencement ceremonies were held today for the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences, and among the sea of graduates, one student stood out.

In just three years, Srujan Kopparapu completed his college career, with not one, but two degrees.

Kopparapu said, “”I decided to accelerate a little bit just to be able to learn as much as I possibly could.”

The grad earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as psychology. In case that wasn’t enough, he also threw in a couple of minors in physiology and statistics.

“It took a lot of planning and coordination and perseverance just to be able to handle such a workload.”

The student even snuck in extra units here and there. His parents say they didn’t even know the full extent of their son’s studies.

Suren Kopparapu, Srujan’s Dad said, “I don’t know how to express myself here. It’s really amazing thing.”

That thirst for knowledge landed the 20-year-old high honors Friday, receiving the UC Davis University Medal for excellence in undergraduate studies and outstanding community service.

“An acknowledgement of what I’ve done, but also to being able to serve perhaps as inspiration to others,” said Kopparapu.

The humble graduate is grateful for those who helped him get where he is today. During his speech, he started a new tradition to honor teachers, who he says don’t get enough credit for the work they do. He asked his fellow graduates to give applause to his former high school teacher, who was in the audience, Ms. Sue Baker.

“Very honored. Very honored that he remembered me,” said Baker,

It’s been a short, but challenging road. Srujan now plans to take a small break before heading to medical school.

“Ill be able to spend a lot more time with my family, which I have missed in these last few years.”

Srujan was also a member of a fraternity. He plans to take a year off to apply for medical school, but says even during that time, he’ll be busy volunteering and perhaps even looking for a part-time job.


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