ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Officers say they were forced to shoot and kill two aggressive dogs that were running loose in Elk Grove.

The incident happened along the 9400 block of Misty River Way. Elk Grove police say an animal service officer responded to the scene a little before 9 a.m. Thursday after a jogger reported they were attacked by a couple of dogs.

At the scene, the dogs – a pair of German Shepherds – began barking, bearing their teeth and charged at the officer.

Backup was called and police officers were soon at the scene. The officers first tried to use a beanbag shotgun to try and subdue the dogs, but they say it had no effect.

Due to continuing threat to the public, the officers then shot one of the dogs. The other dog was also soon shot by officers. Both dogs died from their injuries, police say.

The jogger, who was bitten on the left calf, was OK and didn’t need further medical attention.

Detectives are investigating if the dogs are connected to at least two other attacks on other animals that same day.

  1. They need to start shooting the owners..

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