For the first time in their history, WWE ended both of their marquee programs with women’s main events. Raw ended with a multi-person gauntlet match that saw Nia Jax look incredibly strong, while Sasha Banks wound up victorious and thus setting up a match with her and Raw Women’s Champion Alexia Bliss.

Smackdown saw the second-ever Miss Money in the Bank ladder match with Tamina, Charlotte, Natalya, Becky Lynch, and Carmela. The second took place a whopping 9 days after the first ended with a hooky James Ellsworth finish that was not received well by the WWE Universe.

I admire what the WWE is trying to do here though I don’t necessarily agree with it. First, the main event is general saved for the biggest program on the show. Raw feels centered around Reigns and Strowman and Joe and Lesnar. While I absolutely love Alexia Bliss and her dynamic chemistry with Nia Jax, the women don’t feel like the center of Raw.

The opposite is true on Smackdown. With Jinder Mahal trying to find his footing as champion and locked in an uninteresting feud with Randy Orton, the women and the build towards the first, and subsequent second, Miss Money in the Bank ladder match has really given the women’s roster a chance to shine. Carmella, who one both ladder matches, has found her stride as a heel and draws a great reaction from the crowd. Threatening regular with the Miss Money in the Bank briefcase will only intensify that.

Second, a match or a segment can be last and not the main event. Again, this was true and Raw but not Smackdown.

I enjoy seeing the women focused on more. Next to Braun Strowman destroying Roman Reigns on a regular basis, Nia Tax is my favorite Mondayt night character.

The quality of the work from the women on Tuesdays have been top notch and I’m anxious to see where they go with two heels carrying Money in the Bank briefcases.

I hope the WWE doesn’t use their television this past week to tout the “Women’s Revolution”. That revolution died a long time ago. What they have now is significantly better. Its compelling television. For them, thats all that matters.


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