SACRAMENTO (AP) – Californians will no longer face losing their driver’s licenses because of unpaid traffic fines starting next month.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday to outlaw the punishment he says unfairly harms low-income residents.

It will prevent courts from suspending someone’s driver’s license simply because of unpaid fines. They will still be able to suspend licenses for other infractions like failing to appear in court.

Democratic Sen. Bob Hertzberg of San Diego has championed the issue in the Legislature. He says he’s happy the governor has approved the policy because it will help ensure people’s lives are not derailed because they can’t pay traffic tickets.

Opponents of the policy have argued driver’s license suspension is an important tool to compel people to pay traffic fines.

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Comments (3)
  1. Kevin Perry says:

    Finally, someone came to their senses.

  2. Eileen Kim says:

    I’m sorry the fact that you are “low-income” should not mean you should get away with driving like an idiot. If you don’t want your license taken away then stop driving like an idiot. Common sense.

  3. Rob Kwaitk says:

    It’s about tyme this injustice has been corrected. Many fines are controversial & we all know of the monthly ticket quotas & arrest quotas mandated for PROFIT’S.

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