By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — June may be ending, but that isn’t stopping skiers from hitting the slopes in the Sierra.

Squaw Valley is one of two resorts in the state that will be open into July after a record-setting snowfall year in the Sierra.

In just a few days it’ll be the Fourth of July, a time of the year known for sailing, barbecuing in shorts and T-shirts and laying out by the water. But others will be going a few thousand feet higher where the peaks are snow-capped and perfect for skiing.

Taking shorts, T-shirts and even swimsuits to the slopes, thousands of skiers and snowboarders are still savoring the Sierra snow at Squaw Valley.

“It was a historic season,” said Squaw Valley spokesman Sam Kieckhefer. “We had 728 inches of snowfall, and that’s allowed us to stay open long into the summer.”

Besides Mammoth Mountain, Squaw Valley is the only other resort in the state open for skiing this weekend. It plans to stay open indefinitely, weather permitting. This weekend will be the fourth time the resort has been open on the Fourth of July, and they’re hoping to stretch it beyond that for the first time.

Avid Skier Jackie Megnin may be basking in the sun, but she’s ready to trade in her sandals for ski boots.

“It’s just really cool that we’re able to ski into the summer and really live out this epic winter,” she said. “It’s this nice slushy super soft snow that’s really forgiving it’s so much fun to take turns.”

Longtime resident and photographer Keoki Flagg says with the drought and challenging winter we had, the unprecedented summer skiing is a gift.

Squaw Valley will be open for four days straight this Fourth of July holiday, then only on weekends after that.


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