YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (CBS13) – It’s just a few days before July, but Caltrans crews have only just reopened the back door to Yosemite known as Tioga Pass.

Thursday morning, the roadway was finally reopened.

With the Fourth of July being Yosemite National Park’s busiest summer weekend, the opening comes just in time.

Record snowfall kept the pass closed much longer than usual. However, this isn’t the latest into the season the road has been closed; that distinction goes to 1998, when Tioga Pass was closed until July 1.

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How Tioga pass looked back in April. (Credit: Caltrans District 9)

Even with the roadway reopened, Caltrans is warning motorists to be extra cautious on the stretch. Along with rock hazards, Caltrans warns that minimal services are available along the stretch. Mobile phone services are also spotty.

Usually, Tioga Pass is opened by May.


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