By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — “Me and my sister are just trying to find some tadpoles,” said a little girl in the water at Sacramento’s Discovery Park.

Whether you’re out searching for little fish this Fourth of July, or just a cool spot to soak up the sun in red white and blue, the newly opened Discovery Park is the hottest place for festive families.

But the luring river isn’t without risk.

“The rivers are a lot different than they have been in years past. The water’s colder, the levels higher, and current is swifter,” said Sacramento Fire Spokesman Chris Harvey.

The warning signs are hard to miss, from freeway overpasses to public restrooms, bold letters read: “Life looks good on you,” reminding swimmers to wear a life jacket.

Mia Lopez and Brian Logan came up with the slogan.

“We asked our target market young men ages 18 to 25 and they resonated with that message the most,” said Lopez.

But now they need it to stick.

So they’re asking people to snap a selfie wearing a safety vest, and share it on social media, hashtag #sacrivers. Once you post, you’re in the running to win cool prizes.


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