By Jennifer McGraw

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) – Officials are asking for the public’s help to find out who left a dog with a vicious head wound.

“Fortunately his wound is covered because it’s not very pleasant to look at. It’s hard to look at,” said Leilani Fratis, Placer County SPCA CEO.

A sad sight for anyone. The wound on his head is so deep, experts say it looked, at first, like he’d been hit by a car.

“There were no other abrasions or injuries to that dog, so that was kind of a rule out,” she said.

Eight-year-old Korbin, loving named by the staff at Placer County SPCA, was picked up from a local park with his head bashed in.

“If you were hit so hard that you had a wound where your skull was visible, I could only imagine what kind of pain that must be,” he said.

With a team of experts, the dog’s prognosis has gone from questionable to now they believe he’ll make it.

“I’m optimistic that he’s going to be doing well, he just needs to be monitored,” said Rebecca Williams with Sierra Ranch Veterinary Clinic.

She said Korbin will have to undergo multiple surgeries.

“It’s still very deep and very large,” she added.

While things are looking up for Korbin, officials are looking to the public for answers.

“Who did Corbin live with before this? Maybe that ties some of this together, but we don’t know,” said Fratis.

Korbin is in good physical health she said she has to have an owner.

“If someone was responsible for this level of violence, we certainly don’t want them in the community,” she said.

A community that is now rallying together to save a little guy who couldn’t help save himself.

The SPCA is a nonprofit and workers hope not only do people come forward with information, but also offers donations to help offset the costs for Korbin’s care.


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