By Shirin Rajaee

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Big crowds gathered along the waterfront in downtown Stockton for Fourth of July festivities.

“It’s been very nice, I’ve been coming since I was a kid, so it’s nice now to take my kids too,” said Stockton resident Seanna Loza.

“It’s awesome, we’re down here on the Delta, staying cool,” said Deborah Bowens. “There are all different nationalities here, and we are all family. This is great for Stockton.”

And while the crowds watched the big fireworks show at Weber Point, Stockton’s fire chief Erik Newman said they had upped staff.

“We prepared for this night for the last two months,” said Newman.

Chief Newman says between Stockton police and fire, a special task force team was assigned to patrol the streets Tuesday night and CBS13 got to ride along.

“We start out by looking for the aerial fireworks being displayed up in the air. And we’ll pinpoint them to a specific neighborhood,” said fire investigator Brian

Madrid is working with Stockton PD to crack down on illegal firework activity.

“We’re listening to the loud explosions, looking for the illegal fireworks being shot off. I mean the aerial fireworks from residences can rival some of the professional shows that get put on,” said Madrid.

Just in the last few days Stockton has made some major illegal fireworks busts, some that have resulted in citations, others arrests.

While the downtown 4th of July celebration went smoothly, with no major issues, illegal fireworks could be heard and seen throughout the city.

And many people say they’re grateful for the work being done by law enforcement.

“I feel safe, and I’m just praying for the city. we want everyone to make it home tonight,” said Bowens.


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