By Shirin Rajaee

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Thefts in Roseville have neighbors on edge looking to protect their property.

Monday morning Roseville Police arrested three people after a home garage was burglarized on the 600 block of Oakborough Avenue.

“It’s troubling to hear that; we have kids running around here all the time,” said Jade Vollenweider.

It’s a typically quiet neighborhood, but thieves got into Joan Vogeler’s garage while she was sleeping.

They apparently squeezed under her partially raised garage door.

“I didn’t close it far enough like I normally do. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to get in,” said Vogeler.

A neighbor who didn’t wish to be identified saw the thieves loading up and snapped a photo of the car before alerting police.

“The guy was carrying something. He saw me, and then they got in their car and took off, that’s when I called 9-11,” said Joan’s neighbor.

“The good neighbor gave us a good description of the car and officers were very quickly able to find it and put three people in custody,” said Dee Dee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department.

Going through the vehicle police found a collection of garage door openers, checkbooks, and stolen items from a number of homes

“Our garage was hit three months ago, and my neighbor’s truck was hit a few weeks before that,” said Aaron Duke.

Some neighbors have taken extra safety precautions.

“When my truck was broken into, we installed cameras,” said Chris Bryson.

Monday night also marks the start of the much anticipated Amazon prime day, where for 30 hours members of Amazon Prime service can take advantage of hundreds of thousands of deals online. But it’s the delivery of those deals that’s raising concerns.

“Make sure it’s gonna come at a time you’re home, or have a neighbor pick up for you if that’s not possible,” said Gunther.

Police recommend to protect your packages, have them delivered to Amazon lockers found in a number of locations including many Safeway stores.

“You can have it delivered to a secure locker and go pick it up at a store or your convenience, ” said Gunther.

Meanwhile, Joan Vogeler is grateful that her neighbor acted quickly and alerted police, and neighbors are glad the thieves were caught.

“It’s important if anyone sees suspicious activity that they report it, better to be safe than sorry,” said Jade Vollenweider.

Twenty-nine-year-old Anthony Tony Allmond III, 34-year-old Amanda Dawn Phillips, and 25-year-old Natasha LeShae Givens, all of Sacramento, were arrested on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy, possession of stolen property and other related charges.


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