STOCKTON (CBS13) — Next time you visit the Greyhound bus station in Stockton, consider bringing light baggage, plenty of water and maybe a portable fan.

Since the summer began, the building has had no air conditioning for anyone, including employees and customers using the bus service.

On days when the temperature outside is creeping near triple digits, one can only imagine what it’s like inside the downtown Greyhound building where there is no air conditioning.

“Man, it’s so hot. It seems like it’s about 110 in that place. You can hardly breathe and I mean they are trying to do nothing about it,” said Emmett Wesson of Stockton.

Wesson uses the Greyhound station regularly. He drops off and picks up clients who use the bus line for business purposes and all those weekend getaways.

“I rather come outside than be inside that place,” he said.

There are no open windows inside the building, and the doors are always closed. Employees who did not want to talk on camera say they use portable fans to stay cool behind the counter.

“That’s not enough because they are thinking about themselves, they are only trying to make sure they are not on heat alert so, they are trying to keep cool, so they only provided fans for themselves, they don’t have like fan all over the bus station to accommodate everybody, it’s just for them,” said Joyce Sargent of Stockton.

We checked, and there have been no complaints made to CAL/OSHA about the lack of air conditioning. In fact, a spokesperson says there are no regulations at all that addresses temperature and humidity in a general office setting.

“I think, all the money that they make, you know they should be able to afford reasonable air for their customers because you could affect people with high blood pressure, you know medical conditions where they are not supposed to be in heat,” she said.

We made attempts to contact Greyhound and Xavier Santana, the president of Northgate Commercial, which manages the property and is the broker between a private owner of the building and a perspective buyer, but had no success. We did find out the building will be officially signed over to MAJ Development Corporation in a few weeks. MAJ is a commercial real estate developer with successful retail development projects in Washington and Oregon.

“The whole place is going down; you can tell the way it looks around it, they don’t take care of their grass, nothing, it’s just going down. It’s the worse Greyhound building I’ve ever been to,” said Wesson.

The president of MAJ Development hopes to release his vision and plans for the property soon after the sale is finalized.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The story has been corrected to reflect that Northgate Commercial is the property manager, not the owner, of the building where Greyhound resides.

  1. This is fake news.. what a joke. I do not own the property. I’m just the realtor on it. KOVR and Carlos Correa need to get their facts correct. Fake news has not place on TV…

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