By Angela Musallam

BUTTE COUNTY (CBS13) — The calm weather is helping firefighters get ahead of the Wall Fire in Butte County.

The fire started Friday afternoon along Chinese Wall Road, North of Bangor.

The Wall Fire ripped through Richard Snelson’s neighborhood this weekend. He’s been staying at the Church of the Nazarene in Oroville along with other evacuees who don’t even know if their homes are still standing.

Richard Snelson has been living in his RV for the last two days; he says he’s pretty sure he lost his home to the Wall Fire.

“When I left, I could see that my two neighbors’ places had gone up that’s how close I stayed,” Richard said.

Richard says he only had enough time to pull out his RV and grab his dog.

“Flames, the whole thing, it was a horseshoe shape where 60-foot flames, the wind, you couldn’t believe it,” he exclaimed.

Looking back, Richard says he regrets not leaving when the fire first started. He thought his home was in the clear.

“I’m lucky I got out with my dog; I didn’t think a fire could move that fast I’m really lucky,” Richard said.

Saturday was the worst of the fire, according to Cal Fire officials. Since then, the weather has calmed down, allowing firefighters to get a handle on the flames.

“We are really pushing hard to today to establish this control lines, try to push that containment percentage up and try to get people back to their homes that the main priority,” said a Cal Fire spokesman.

It’s what dozens of people at the evacuation center in Oroville have been waiting for, including Linda Mason.

“I have had reports it’s still standing,” cried Linda.

Linda almost lost her home in another wildfire last year.
Thankful her home has escaped a fire twice, Linda says it’s the people who lost their homes this time around who she’s really worried about.

The fire may have destroyed Richard’s home, but he says he hasn’t lost hope.

“Everybody will rebuild though, that’s what we do as Americans, pull together and rebuild.”

Cal Fire officials have downgraded several evacuation orders as Monday afternoon. People living in those areas will be allowed to return home.

For the latest evacuation information, visit

Residents can go to the Municipal Auditorium starting at noon on Tuesday. Local and state agencies will be here starting at noon to share information about home damage and help homeowners in need.  Photo ID and property address will be required.


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