By Macy Jenkins

BUTTE COUNTY (CBS 13) – It’s Day 4 of the non-stop battle to contain the Wall Fire in Butte County.

Many evacuations in the area have been downgraded, and some residents are back in their homes. But cleanup is still underway, and agencies from all over the state are here to help.

“They start calling for help throughout the state, and whoever is available, they come on down and help,” said Fire Captain Cleo Doss, a spokesperson with San Jose Fire Department.

He’s one of several firefighters in the area assisting Butte County CalFire. As fires continue to light up dry brush across California, the California National Guard is also stepping in to lend support.

“Really, that speaks to how serious the fire situation is in California right now, that they would ask us to also help out,” said Captain Will Martin, a spokesperson for the California National Guard.

He says their aircraft are ready to drop water and transport firefighters straight to the fire lines.

“Today, we deployed eight helicopters and two air tankers,” Martin said. “About half of those are in Northern California dealing with the Wall Fire, and then the other half are down in Southern California dealing with the Whittier Fire.”

Tammy Schaffner lives on Foothill Road and finally returned home on Sunday after evacuating the day before.

“Once it doubled in size, it started coming closer to us,” she said. “It was just too close for comfort!”

She already had her valuables ready to go after preparing to leave because of the Oroville Spillway earlier this year. As she unpacked from her brief time away, she’s grateful the flames didn’t reach her front door.

“Just knowing that in an instant it could be gone, it’s scary,” Schaffner said.

Residents can go to the Municipal Auditorium starting at noon on Tuesday. Local and state agencies will be here starting at noon to share information about home damage and help homeowners in need.  Photo ID and property address will be required.


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