ROHNERT PARK (CBS13) – Police say a Sonoma County woman ripped off a student bake sale by using a counterfeit bill.

The Cotati Police Department says 41-year-old Michelle Kruse used a fake $100 dollar bill to buy a rice krispy treat, a brownie and piece of cake.

She gave the students the fake bill and they gave her $80 of real money in change – thus scamming them out of money that would have gone towards their yearly trip to Disneyland.

“We were all really upset. I was in tears all of us were, like ‘Oh my God, this woman took advantage of us,’” said junior band member Evan Crow.

Crow noticed that the bill was fake and chased after Kruse’s car.

He was unsuccessful in catching her, but police have since been able to identify her and her car. She has still not been caught.

Police are now asking anyone with information to contact authorities.

  1. Sounds like she’d fit in well with the trumps, ripping kids off. Didn’t trump Jr do the same with cancer kids?

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