By Angela Greenwood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Emergency repairs took place along I-5 Thursday evening, following a pothole that damaged 12 vehicles during rush-hour traffic. It happened on the northbound side of the interstate near Sutterville Road exit. Caltrans says the pothole may be the result of our wet winter, while drivers say they believe it’s time for better road upkeep.

A basketball sized pothole took out a dozen cars on Northbound I-5.

Craig Mortensen said, “I think I was the first one to hit it. I was here, and everyone else decided to join the party.”

It happened during rush hour, Thursday. Mortensen says he saw it coming, but couldn’t stop.

“A piece of concrete that should have been in that pothole was rotated 90 degrees, so it was sticking six to eight inches proud of the deck.”

Mortensen’s front tire was flattened, and back tire now has a bulged. Eleven cars pulled to the shoulder, also with flat tires. Some had bent rims and even front end damage.

Caltrans says it appears the slab had disintegrated, forming a two foot by two-foot pothole in the number two lane, a potential result of the heavy rains this past winter. A temporary patch was put on, and Caltrans says a permanent fix will be made by Friday morning. Unfortunately, it’s a little late for a dozen of commuters.

“I hope they start getting that road tax put together so we can stop this stuff,” said Mortensen.

Drivers have a year to file a claim with the state to be reimbursed for any damage, as long as it’s less than $10,000.

Visit Caltrans website to file a claim.


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