By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s work on the Pioneer Bridge: Take Two.

Just three years after a multi-million dollar re-surfacing job on the bridge over the Sacramento River that connects the capital city to West Sacramento—Caltrans is forced to do it all over again.

The problem? Andy Alvarado, the man in-charge of Caltrans construction in the North Region, tells CBS13, “Actually what we think we experienced some premature failure on it—it was
more of a materials issue–not a construction issue–so for whatever reason it didn’t stick to the surface.”

The cost of the project done in 2014 was $6.6 million. This time the price tag has jumped to $25 million.

Why the huge increase?

Alvarado says, “It’s a big difference in life and durability certainly–so that’s kind of why the difference in cost.”

The new surface will be polyester concrete, and unlike last time, the material won’t be placed by hand, but crews will use a paver.

CBS 13 went digging for more answers from Caltrans. We wanted to know if taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for this.

“That’s what we’re working on right now,” Alvarado goes on to say, “We’re having conversations with like I said our supplier and our legal folks to determine what the next steps are to recoup the taxpayer dollar.”

For now, the state will use money from its highway maintenance account. The next likely step will be to file a claim with the manufacturer of the original resurfacing job.

For now, here’s what drivers need to know: There will be delays every weeknight and some weekends on the Pioneer Bridge from now until Labor Day.

The work should not impact your evening or morning commute.

Also, be extra heads-up because night crews will only be protected by cones on the highway, not concrete barriers.

For a list of alternate routes and to get a look at the timeline of the project, go to


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