Sacramento just can't stop winning

On a day set to be warm, the battle for a new MLS team in Sacramento simply caught fire.

I’ve been along on this ride for 4 years now, and seeing the Republic appear literally from nothing, and morph into the presumptive MLS expansion pick this winter is flat out astounding. Watching Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Republic owner Kevin Nagle, and other dignitaries gather and speak in the middle of a hilly dirt patch at the Railyards downtown made me smile ear to ear. Just a few years ago, Sacramento was about to lose its NBA team, and become the boring government town it was always “supposed to be”.

Fast forward to this morning, watching the commitment to a 250 million dollar, privately funded stadium even before the MLS has given the go-ahead is ballsy as hell. Defeatist has turned into confidence. Filibustering has turned to action-items. Lack of focus has turned to laser focus. The City of Sacramento is coming into its own, right before our eyes.

srfc selfie Carmichael Dave: A New Stadium, Another Victory For Sacramento

(from left to right): KHTK’s Carmichael Dave, Mayor Darrell Sternberg, Republic FC owner Kevin Nagle, and City Councilman Jeff Harris




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