DAVIS (CBS13) – The Davis Imam whose sermon created international controversy and allegations of anti-Semitism is speaking out for the first time.

UPDATE: Imam Apologizes For Controversial Sermon

Imam Ammar Shahin says he never called for violence between any groups of people.

“My whole talk was directed to spirituality, to bringing people back to their religion, to speak about even the oppressed ones who at the time of pharaoh, and how they came back to their religion,” Shahin said.

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His sermon posted online by a group called Middle East Media Research Institute included a translation into English which reads “an “annihilation” of Jewish people.

The group’s viral post has received hundreds of thousands of views.

“It’s very sad to hear that people are taking your words and they are twisting it around, but I know there are people who are out there just waiting for that to make the news,” Shahin said.

The Davis police are doing extra patrols at the mosque where Shahin preaches.

The rabbi of the Davis Chabad responded to Shahin’s interview by saying the important message is there “is no place for violence against any people.”

Comments (47)
  1. Doc Mac says:

    I hope a pig carcass falls off a passing truck and lands on him. And so no one misinterprets that as they have his words, using the Imam’s translation methodology,it means: “May he be blessed to reap a thousandfold return of all that he wishes for others”.

  2. Maybe he can give these kinds of speeches back in his home country and not in the USA

  3. Scott Kriss says:

    The REQUIRED response by the lay leadership of this mosque is CRYSTAL CLEAR. The imam must be at a minimum suspended for some period of time or his contract terminated and he be fired. There is NO room for wishy washy apologies when it comes to incitement of violence by islamic terror preaching imams.
    If this person is here on a Green card I think it might be appropriate for DHS to revoke the card temporarily which would allow the govt to incarcerate this terror threat in an ICE detention camp. If after more investigation it is determined the green card should be revoked permanently he could be summarily deport ted.

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