SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Authorities have made an arrest in the shooting that left a south Sacramento gas station employee dead.

The incident happened on Tuesday night at the Chevron Gas Station along the 8400 block of Florin Road.

A 20-year-old gas station employee was found fatally shot that night. Earlier, an employee at the gas station had some sort of verbal argument with some people who were loitering in the parking lot.

The other employee went inside to call 911, and the 20-year-old went outside and was confronted by the suspects.

gas station shooting arrest 1 Arrest Made In Killing Of South Sacramento Gas Station Employee

Alexander Lopez’ booking photo.

One of the suspects then pulled out a gun and shot the 20-year-old.

Thursday, detectives announced that one suspect had been arrested in connection to the shooting. Detectives say 40-year-old Alexander Lopez was arrested; the search is still on for two other suspects.

Anyone with more information in connection to the shooting is asked to call detectives at (91) 874-5115.

  1. He looks 50+, not 40. That’s what alcohol and smoking will do to you.

    He’s probably an illegal or anchor baby. While the clerk he killed (surname Singh) was likely a citizen or legal immigrant from India.
    If you go through the trouble and long lines to immigrate legally, you’d be piszed off at the illegals who cross the border and then kill Indians or Sikhs working honest jobs in dangerous neighborhoods.

    That explains why I see quite a few Republicans among Indians, and more Democrats among illegals.

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