SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local Lyft driver says she was beaten for refusing a ride.

It happened early Thursday morning in South Sacramento Meadowview Road and Amherst Street.

A group of eight African-American men and women requesting a Lyft ride were told they couldn’t fit. That’s when the driver said some people in the group began assaulting her.

The driver, Nakayla Hall, says she was punched, kicked, even had water thrown on her for refusing a ride. She is now recovering and is sharing her story in hopes of preventing another attack.

“They all looked like they were having fun and a good time,” said Hall.

Hall was ending her night as a Lyft driver. Little did she know, it was about to take a dramatic turn downhill.

“Three people got into the very back and that’s when I said no we can’t do that,” said Hall.

Hall says she can only fit a total of six passengers into her car. The group who requested her early Thursday morning were eight young adults.

“They were just like ‘no, F that,'” Hall added.

Hall says she turned her car off to get her point across, and told the group she would call 911 if they didn’t get out.

That’s when she said the group became violent.

“The guy on the passenger side started pouring water on me and the people behind me started pouring water on me,” said Hall.

And they didn’t stop there.

“There were two on this side, two men hitting me on this side, and then two of the females just rotated and took turns punching me and kicking me,” Hall said, describing how she was hit.

Hall had a gash across her forehead, heel marks on her arm and a bruised knee. She says the entire ordeal lasted about 15 minutes before she could drive away.

All Hall says she could think of were her little girls.

Lyft sent CBS13 a statement Saturday in response to the assault, saying in part:

“As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we deactivated the passenger from the Lyft platform. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation.”

Hall says this was a wakeup call – not just for her, but for all Lyft and Uber drivers. Becoming complacent was Hall’s only regret.

“You need to be prepared, as prepared as you can be,” Hall urged drivers.

Hall’s car was impounded by Sacramento police as part of the investigation. No suspects have been arrested yet.


Comments (4)
  1. The driver is connected to our rideshare facebook group, Lyft is doing absolutely nothing to help her and won’t cover any of the costs involved including her medical expenses.

  2. Casey Smith says:

    Hard to believe something like that would happen in the Meadowview area of all places. Hope the assailants get their just reward.

  3. re: “South Sacramento Meadowview Road and Amherst Street.”

    That location is deep in the heart of the ghetto…a big clue that trouble is on the way.
    If you drive Lyft/Uber, always be well-armed, when driving to the ghetto.

    Think about it: normal cabbies wouldn’t accept a fare from the lower life forms in Meadowview.
    And cops, off-duty or not, would never dream of driving through South Sac at night without their weapon.

    Looks like black on black violence. In the black community, that is O.K.
    The Black Lives Matter creeps will NOT protest this…you won’t hear a word from B.L.M. on this. Because it’s O.K. with them.

  4. If you drive Lyft/Uber, you need two dash-cams: one pointed outside, and one pointed inside at those you’re carrying.

    The instant Nakayla saw that it was 8 people, she should have made a U-turn and got out of there. Leave complaints and bad review for the customer, after you’re safely away.
    Customers who are that cheapskate, trying to squeeze 8 people for one fare, are TROUBLE.

    You’re better off getting one of the 1,500 new jobs at the Amazon warehouse in Natomas,
    than being a taxi for gang members and low-life drunks.

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