SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some people are being forced to leave Sacramento as rent prices soar.

A newly-released study shows the gap is closing between Sacramento and San Francisco when it comes to affording rent.

For some, rent has been raised at a breathtaking rate.

One woman said her rent went from $695 to more than $1000, forcing her to move out of her south Sacramento apartment.

That kind of decision, suffer a raised rent or move, has Jovana Fajardo pushing for rent control across Sacramento.

“If we don’t have rent control to protect these rents from going up we see families going to other cities,” Fajardo said.

When it comes to rent affordability, a WalletHub survey marks Sacramento 106 of 150 metropolitan areas.

The median price for a two bedroom apartment in Sacramento is $1250, according to Apartment List.

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  1. Rick Hilburn says:

    4/2015, moved into a 2Bd/2Ba apt in Sac. County near FTB. Rent was $1050 + $65 S/W/G. New lease signed 11/2016, $1470 + $65. No outside improvements at all in over 2 years, pot smokers, 2nd has smoke in our apt, and dog messes not cleaned up by rude neighbors. We are looking to break lease asap. Duplexes in Sac. Co. around $1200 – $1300. Would move to Nv. but my job is in Ca.

  2. It’s even worse in downtown/mid-town Sacramento.
    Rents for the new Eviva complex at 16th and N St., start at about $1,950 for a 754-square-foot studio with one bathroom, up to starting at $3,250 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit of 1,007 square feet.

    Even older apartments and homes in downtown are pricey ($1400+ for a 2-BR, 80-year old building that has no insulation, ugly decaying carpet, single-pane windows, ancient heating, loud/old air conditioning).
    Plus, with the old windows and zero insulation, your electric and heating bills will be SKY-HIGH.

    It may be “hip” and “cool” to live near the bars, tattoo parlors, and dog parks, but is it worth it?
    You won’t have enough leftover to save for a house down payment.
    Do you really want to pay high rent for the rest of your life?

  3. As long as people will pay it… the landlords will charge it.. plain and simple.

  4. I’m moving out of Sacramento and California completely. I just retired and have decided to move to Kuching Sarawak in Malaysia where I can get a 20th story penthouse 3BR apartment…fully furnished with “all mod cons” available for $650.

  5. this piece addresses just one aspect of the rental nightmare: skyrocketing prices. for me, I had an inkling that rents had been rising; my landlord moved back to sac a year ago, and raised my rent $225. this june, he served notice that he wanted his house back so he could live in it, the most shocking part of the process are the costs to ‘apply’ for a rental. prop mgt companies (of which there are dozens now) and most private owners are charging a nonrefundable application fee, usually $35-$50 per proposed occupant to supposedly run a credit/background check. most want this before they even show you the property—–not even sure how that is legal. one company even requested an add’l $35 application fee for the proposed pet—no, i’m not joking. not sure about yours, but my dog can’t read. god forbid you have a pet, because there are the pet deposits (usually $500, but i found one that wanted $400 per pet) and extra pet rent. demand has far exceeded supply, and the opportunists are out in force. this is the new normal, folks…..

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