By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A family-owned grocery store that’s become an institution on Rio Linda Boulevard, is now being threatened with eminent domain by Sacramento City Hall.

Bing’s Market has been open since 1953, and is now run by the founder’s son Vic Ung and his wife Coleen.

“It’s a legacy we’re proud of,” Vic Ung said.

Now the pair faces the threat of eminent domain by Sacramento city hall.

“I’m hoping that we’ll continue to be able to negotiate with the city, we would very much prefer not to go eminent domain,” Coleen Ung said.

Sacramento is threatening to take part of Vic and Coleen’s land as part of the Rio Linda Bridge Replacement Project.

The couple says the city wouldn’t take their store, but would take property around it and use half their parking lot for up to two years during construction.

City documents show promises construction wouldn’t block access to the store, but that’s a prediction Vic and Coleen don’t buy.

“If we can’t maintain the parking lot where people have ease of access, everything else is a moot point because they’re going to go someplace else,” Coleen Ung said.

A city staff report recommends public benefit outweighs the injury to Vic and Coleen because: “…the surrounding community will attain new sidewalks, curbs and gutters, crosswalks, a fully signalized intersection, street lighting as well as new bus stops.”

“We’re trying to reach a mutual agreement with the city, to make this work,” Coleen Ung said.

After Six decades in business, suddenly these owners are facing an uncertain future.

The Sacramento city council will vote on Thursday whether to move forward with eminent domain proceedings.


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