CAMPBELL (AP) — A video showing a Northern California police officer pointing his gun for more than nine minutes at the passenger in a car stop has drawn attention on social media.

The Campbell Police Department says the officer pulled over the car for speeding on July 28 on Highway 101.

Campbell police Capt. Gary Berg tells the Mercury News the officer asked for the license of the woman driving, the car’s registration and proof of insurance. While the occupants were looking for those documents, Berg says the passenger started to reach under his seat.

The phone video shows the unidentified officer pointing his pistol at the passenger. The passenger holds up his hands and explains that he was looking for the requested documents, noting the papers on the floor and asks why the officer is pointing the weapon at him.

The Campbell Police Department is defending the officer’s decision to draw his gun.

  1. so everyone can see why cops think everyone may shoot them and why most dont trust cops and why guns are the reason for men going to hades whatever haughty men who defend it may think…oh yea maybe going to church will sway the almighty……..where were the cops in the revolutionary times…or during the civil wars….the constitution has no protection for cops and the cop ideal is ego vs ego covered by enough pride to kill the innocent, which our country states counties and cities do every day….usa? you might get killed for being black hispanic tatooed…..haha thanks for fking my world..may god do you in with your own will….

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