Baseball’s “Dog Days”  of August are here but MLB is trying to do something about that longtime negative moniker.

Later this month MLB has agreed to have a “Players Weekend” August 25-27.

Teams will be wearing bright and colorful uniforms and players will be allowed to wear nicknames of their jerseys.

They also will be wearing a patch of someone that helped them get to the big leagues. This will include the very traditional New York Yankees who never have anybody’s name on the back of their jerseys.  T

he best part of all this is that these jerseys will end up being sold at auction and the proceeds will go to benefit youth baseball programs.

Here are some of the names to look forward to:

Brandon Phillips of the Braves will be “Dat Dude”

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale’s jersey will read “Stickman”

Cubs reliever Carl Edwards Jr will be “Carl’s Jr.”

Joey Bautista will be what we all call him “Joey Bats”

A’s Catcher Josh Phegley will be “PTBNL” Player to be named later

Jeff Samardzija goes with “Shark”

One of my favorites is Seattler Mariners Kyle Seager going with “Corey’s Brother”

Tampa Bay Ray’s Tommy Hunter is “Tommy Two Towel”

Max Scherzer will be “Blue Eye”

Toddy Frazier is “ToddFather”

Aaron Judge’s jersey will read “All Rise”

and Robinson Cano will have “Don’t You Know” on the back of his jersey

The point of this weekend is to have some fun.  Check out the jersey’s as they are all different and the players are enjoying themselves by being creative.  Good for them and good for baseball.  Now I may have to go make my own personal jersey.




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