By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – The flood fight continues for home and landowners drowned out by storms earlier this year, and residents aren’t happy.

“I’m extremely frustrated,” said Wendi Wilkinson of Wilton.

By now, she was expecting to have her house jacked up above the flood line.

“Hadn’t had a kitchen for about three months, I have the camping stove that we were using,” she said.

Wilkinson’s home was under water both in January and February. She applied for FEMA disaster money to raise her house, but just found out it will take at least another year before funds arrive.

“We’re barely going to get this place put that together, and we might flood again,” Wilkinson said.

Point Pleasant and Wilton neighborhoods were hit hard with millions in damage. The county is trying to avoid that this time around before fall rains begin and presented a plan to residents.

But tempers flared as many homeowners continued to voice their concerns to the county.

“You open the rivers and dumped the water in my place, kill my crops, and who’s responsible for that?” said Manuel Correia of Point Pleasant.

The county has devised a plan to alleviate some flooding, but it won’t help everyone.

“Basically putting in a wall or a K rail that you see on highways and that would help raise the elevation to a certain point, but because of the amount of flooding that occurs, we would still see some water coming over those,” said Matt Robinson with the Sacramento County Department of Water.

But is it enough?

“It’s a part of a solution,” said Bud Hoppe, the areas historian.

Hoppe has been fighting the flood fight since the 80’s and says it will only divert water from drowning out one area to the next.

“It needs a bypass out here to get the water out that’s all there is to it,” he said.

That’s costly and not an option according to the county.

Residents are fed up.

“Kind of what like Manuel said, if they want to use this area for flood retardation basin, they ought to buy out the homeowners. This area was not in the floodplain under 1850 conditions,” Hoppe said.

Homeowners like Wilkinson have tried to remain patient but said the fight has been tiring and the water may just win.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will meet on Aug. 22 to discuss the next phase in helping these residents.


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