SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The city is working to make sure the free concert with Grammy and Oscar-winning singer and rapper Common is safe.

It will take place Monday on Sacramento’s Capitol Mall where more than 28,000 people are expected to gather.

Large crowds are on the minds of many – especially in light of riot in Charlottesville and terror attack in Barcelona. But the area is one police say they know well and have been planning security for months.

“We have our standard downtown core of officers who are working. But also in the downtown area, we will also have officers that work all of our events just in that downtown corridor,” said Linda Matthew with the Sacramento Police Department.

The city expects traffic to be a big issue all day long. Fifth to 9th streets, as well as l and N streets, will all be closed until Tuesday morning.

The concert, while free, does require you to register for admission from Event Bright. The site now says the concert’s sold out.

  1. Looks like a pointless waste of time, and another traffic/parking nightmare (the trademark of downtown Sacramento).

    Why don’t they put this thing **inside the new arena**, instead of blocking off so many streets?
    It says a lot, that this “rapper” couldn’t afford to hold it in a real venue.
    He has to sing outside on the street, in 95 degree heat in the late afternoon, with NO shade.
    6 hours of loud jungle “music”.
    And 25,000 people are crazy enough to join him.
    That’s why it’s “free”. Because no one would pay *real money* to see him and his third-rate operation.

    A good reason why few want to live downtown, if you have to put up with loud disturbances like this garbage festival every night.

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