By Lemor Abrams

ROSEVILLE(CBS13) — In the small suburban city of Roseville, street corners are booming with construction of new housing projects.

“We have approved 20,000 residential units since 2000, so we are a very high producer,” said Kathy Pease.

She oversees project planning and says 10 percent of new units here are made up of affordable housing, all income levels.

“Because we have had a lot of growth in the past, the state has given us a high number to meet,” she said.

But across the state, a different picture is emerging: Homelessness.

Gregory Ward says he waited five years to qualify for a place to live. Now he’s at the state Capitol, pushing lawmakers to crack down on communities behind on affordable housing.

“For 10 years I’ve slept in the park. In the bus- wherever I could,” said Ward whose an advocate for Residents United Network.

State Sen. Scott Weiner’s bill is one of about 130 housing measures attempting to address the crisis.

“To make it easier and faster and less expensive to add more housing in California,” said Weiner (D-San Francisco).

Weiner’s bill aims to rush new affordable housing projects by eliminating the hoops in place cities use to approve developments.

“It provides a streamlined process for developers to get their permits without any additional environmental review and with no public input,” said Jason Rhine, a lobbyist with the League of California Cities.

Jason Rhine, speaking on behalf of cities and counties across California, says the proposal unfairly strips control away from communities meeting affordable housing goals, like Roseville.

“We really think the decisions around land use are most appropriately made at the city government with input from residents. That’s how we have vibrant communities,” he said.


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