SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It was just before closing time Sunday morning outside The Pier Nightclub at 419 J Street when police say an altercation between two men turned violent, as one man pulled out a gun and began firing.

Sacramento police spokesman Eddie Macaulay says the other man was shot several times and was staggering toward I Street when he flagged down a patrol car.

“They were hailed at I and 5th and were able to determine that the incident happened at J and 5th. An ambulance was called and the man was rushed to a hospital, where (as of Sunday evening) he was in stable condition,” Macaulay said.

The wounded man did not offer any information on his assailant, who remains on the loose.

This is the second night club shooting in a little more than two weeks. A shooting at the Parlare Euro Club left two people wounded on August 11. A few days later, the club shut down after the California Alcohol Control Board suspended its license to serve alcohol.

Asked about downtown security, Sacramento police say they beef up patrols on weekends and for any event dates at the Golden 1 Center. One longtime night club operator, Mason Wong, suggests new club owners take one piece of advice.

“We have been working with the Sacramento police for about 20 years. We hire their off-duty officers pretty much every night our club MIX is open. Any tine you have Sac police working on your facility, it ensures a safe environment for your customers because they’re gonna diffuse any situation before it gets bigger,” Wong said.

Sacramento is not alone when it comes to night club violence. Several cities around the nation, larger and smaller than Sacramento, have experienced club shootings this summer.

Downtown safety is an issue that both Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Police Chief Daniel Hahn describe as a top priority.

“I don’t know if it’s growing pains with the new arena or what,” said Wong, “I'm sure the city’s gonna figure it out one way or the other.”

  1. Best way to stay safe in downtown Sac, is to avoid it ! STAY AWAY, means STAYING ALIVE.

    Traffic mess, parking is miserable, drunk drivers everywhere, panhandling vagrants everywhere, pools of urine in every doorway, homeless dragging their pit bulls everywhere, bars are a magnet for crime, and the drinks are so *watered down* and *over-priced*.
    And it’s always 3-4 degrees hotter downtown than in the suburbs.

    Finally, the police have been told by the mayor to not enforce the law on the homeless, the illegals, and the B.L.M.
    Sacramento is an official sanctuary for ghetto behavior, illegal aliens, criminals and transients…
    making the city even more of a magnet for crime.

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