SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – E. coli levels are on the rise in the lower American River.

According to a report from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, of 25 sites tested along the river between 2007 and 2014 at least three had levels beyond what the Environmental Protection Agency recommends for recreational water use.

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The board wants to add the bacteria to a list of pollutants that would federally designate the lower American River as an “impaired body of water.”

E. coli in waterways is not exclusive to Sacramento County. Last month’s E. coli outbreak at Lake Wildwood in Nevada County made 18 people sick – including 12 children after they played in the water.

Health officials still do not know what caused the outbreak.

The five public beaches at Lake Wildwood are still closed and no swimming is allowed.

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  1. It’s not rocket science…the massive numbers of homeless and transient camps along the river are the cause. The vagrants dump their poop and urine into the river.
    They do it in 5 gallon buckets, then toss the contents into the river.

    Bonus: Along with the bodily wastes of their pets, i.e. pit pulls and other large dogs.
    All that stuff is floating in the river, and people still bring their families to the river to cool down.

    STAY OUT OF THE RIVER. It’s become a toilet for the vagrants.

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