By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of officers from a number of local agencies including the Sacramento Sheriff’s department, Sac PD, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshal responded to Wednesday’s officer involved shooting in north Sacramento County that involved two separate pursuits.

“It happened really quickly, and there were several rounds fired, so it showed you how chaotic and quickly things happened,” said Sgt. Tony Turnbull with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

This all started after investigators with the county’s auto theft task force were investigating stolen vehicles at the Ramada Inn off Auburn Boulevard and Fulton Avenue around 9:30 in the morning when they spotted two women getting into a stolen car.

The two women on probation led officers on a chase on Interstate 5 all the way to Elk Grove and were eventually taken into custody.

Officers then went back to the Ramada Inn where the female suspects were staying, and while they were attempting a probation search door knock, shots were fired from inside the motel room.

“The suspect inside started firing shots through the door, and the wall where officers were located, two CHP investigators were struck by the gunfire and returned fire,” said Turnbull.

Within seconds the suspect then went to the back balcony with a high powered rifle and exchanged gun fire with deputies who were stationed on the ground.

That’s when 52-year-old Sacramento County Sheriffs deputy Robert French, a 21 year veteran of the department, was killed.

“This is certainly the most difficult thing any department can go through, and it’s not just our department, we lost a deputy sheriff, but the entire community and all agencies lost a brother officer,” said Sheriff Scott Jones who announced the death of his fallen deputy at a press conference.

The suspect who shot Deputy French is a 31-year old from the Bay Area.

After firing shots off the balcony of the motel, the suspect jumped off the balcony and into a car, that’s when another chase ensued down Auburn Blvd. The suspect’s car crashed near El Camino and Watt. More gun shots were exchanged, the suspect was struck, and was taken into custody.

Meanwhile— tactical teams and officers from multiple agencies surrounded the Ramada Inn asking hotel guests to shelter in place.

“We don’t know if there are more suspects inside, or if there are more high powered weapons,” said Turnbull.

It was a frightening several hours for the officers and the community — until finally the area was deemed safe with no outstanding suspects.

“This is a difficult day for all us in law enforcement, and it doesn’t end here. Our prayers go out to Deputy French’s family and the wounded CHP officers and their families as well, we wish them a speedy recovery,” said Turnbull.

The suspects’ identities have not been released. Detectives will be investigating the crime scenes for several more days to come.


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