SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –  A man who was severely injured after attending a birthday party in Sacramento over the weekend has died, and now police are searching for clues.

Friends say 38-year-old Ali Khan was found bloodied and injured near 12th and K streets early Sunday morning.

Jesse Mancillas says he was with Khan the night that he was found unconscious and injured. He reported Khan’s death and says he still doesn’t know why his friend died. Mancillas says Khan was about to catch an Uber ride home when he was attacked.

Khan was described by friends as loving, funny and kind.

Sacramento police released a video of a party bus that was parked near 12th and K Street in hopes that people may recognize the scene and offer any clues.

Comments (2)
  1. Maybe Ali saw a drug deal, and the dealer decided to eliminate the witness.
    Bars and clubs are MAGNETS for crime, drug dealing, and drunk driving. And downtown Sac has the biggest concentration of them in a five-county area.

    Also could have been one of the aggressive homeless/panhandlers. They attack people on the American River bike trail all the time…the streets of downtown Sac is their other hangout, so attacking people like poor Ali would be no different.
    The homeless and transients are sending a message: downtown Sac belongs to us!!!

  2. Nothing good happens after 11pm on a Fri/Sat night near a bar/club.
    If you’re there that late for a “birthday” party, go there armed and ready to defend yourself.
    Downtown Sac really is that dangerous these days.

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