SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Delta Airlines flight managed to push ahead of the worst of Hurricane Irma on Wednesday as the storm passed north of Puerto Rico.

DL431 took off from JFK International Airport just past 8:30 a.m. EDT on its way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Screengrabs from FlightRadar show how close the storm was to the flight itself.

The flight managed to make it in just in time, passing through the storm’s outer rain bands.

But where DL431 left off, the return flight DL302 had a small margin for error. Though Irma was passing north of Puerto Rico itself, the storm would be passing right through the flight path.

But somehow, crews were able to beat the storm and find a path through the storm

The flight itself managed to pass between rain bands on its way safely back to New York City. In all, the plane managed to unload its passengers, prepare for the next flight and board the next passengers in under an hour to beat the storm


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